2020 Salaries

Overtime Opportunities Available

Paramedic $55,300
AEMT  $46,000
EMT-B  $43,800

we’re always desperate for help in this profession, so the hiring posting for part time emts and paramedics can remain.

Closing Date: Open


Part-Time Paramedics & EMTs

Fayette County EMS is a tax supported MICU level EMS organization providing emergency and non-emergency services to the citizens of Fayette County, Texas.  We are located 60 miles east of Austin, Texas. Our coverage area is approximately 950 square miles with a population of 25,000. Our schedule is a 48/96 and we function under an aggressive set of medical protocols which includes EZ-IO, Video Laryngoscopes, Rapid Sequence Intubation, aggressive pain management, with TXA and STEMI protocols. In addition, we use an electronic patient care reporting and billing system.

The hiring process includes a background check, written exam, interview, physical agility, and scenario assessment. Full-Time benefits include health/life insurance, TCDRS, & opportunities to receive up to 24 hours of paid time off for every holiday worked

Resumes may be emailed to the Hiring Coordinator.

Minimum Paramedic Qualifications

*Some 911 experience preferred
*PALS Preferred


Hiring Process

All applicants must submit a current (within 6 months) Criminal History and Driving Record prior to continuing through the hiring process.

Our Hiring process includes four phases each of which must be passed before continuing onto the next. Our testing process is designed to be realistic and is based on skills and knowledge that an EMS provider would be expected to perform daily. 

1. Written Testing

  • General Knowledge Multiple Choice Exam

  • Two Written scenarios (Timed 15 minutes each)

2. Interview

  • Oral interview lasting approximately 30 minutes.

3. Physical Agility

  • This is a timed physical agility assessment designed around skills that EMS providers perform everyday (i.e. Lifting and Moving, CPR, etc…)

4. Skills/Scenario Assessment

  • Skills assessment appropriate for your level (intubation, i-gel, etc.)

  • Megacode and Scenario assessment appropriate for your skill level.